How to sponsor a student?
1. Register with WeReachOut:
* Please signup with WeReachOut using your email id.
* WeReachOut will send an activation E-mail to activate your membership.
* Check your E-mail and click the link to activate your account.
* Congratulations, you are a WeReachOut member now.
2. Select a student for your sponsorship:
* Identify well-deserved students from your neighborhood, local contacts (through parent or teacher), schools or local communities back in India for your sponsorship.
* Here are some basic guidelines to find the students for your sponsorship.
1. Students without an earning member in their family.
2. First one to go to school or college from a financially weak family.
3. Students from a family without a parent or other family members to support.
4. Students giving up education to look after their family. Local school teachers are the better source of contact to identify these kinds of students.
5. Students with high ambition from a financially weak background, missing a support system to pay for their entrance exam preparations, etc.
6. Students involved in social impact projects with a great sense of responsibility and struggling to pay for their school and college fee.
7. Your personal preference based on mercy or merit.
* Ask your student to complete this Student Detail Form and forward the details to our email with your sponsorship amount.
* You can also select a student from the list of well deserving students identified by WeReachOut from our Students-In-Need section and start your sponsorship based on the following payment details.  
For High School Students:   Rs.5,000 to Rs 10,000 (approx. $120) per year ($10 per month) sent annually to sponsor school students.

  1) Qualification: 10th grade with the total marks above 70% from their public exam.
  2) School/Medium: Govt. or public school students studied under their local language medium are preferred.
For College Students:   Rs.10,000 to Rs 20,000 (approx. $240) per year ($20 per month) sent annually to sponsor college students.

  1) Qualification: +2 with the total marks above 70% from their public exam.
  2) School/Medium: Govt. or public school students studied under their local language medium are preferred.
Regarding Balance: You are welcome to donate any amount and the remaining balance will be available in your account for your new sponsorship.
3. Payment:
You can make a check payable to "WeReachOut" and send it to the following address. Please email once you mail the check.

P.O. Box 718,
Tracy, CA - 95376

Click PayPal WeReachOut Donation - The safer, easier way to pay online! to donate using PayPal. Please note that If you pay by credit cards, PayPal charges a transaction fee.
Note : Many companies provide corporate matching funds to non-profit organizations. This is an easy way for you to double your donation (or more). The impact of corporate matching support can be enormous. To find out if you work for a company who matches, consult your human resources office, which will provide you with a matching gift form. If they do match, remember to follow your organization's matching gift process.
4. Progress Reports/Receipts:
By logging into your account using your E-mail address and password, you can access the following:
* List of students that you currently sponsor.
* List of contributions and sponsorship distributions made so for.
* List of receipts from your students.
* List of progress reports from your students.
* List of activities on your sponsorships
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